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M&M Qualtech was founded in 1988 by Mike Connolly Senior. The one-man start-up began life as a small niche manufacturer of cable assemblies and has evolved to become a comprehensive, high technology electronics manufacturer.

Whilst the company has expanded hugely over the past 30 years’, it is still today managed by the Connolly family and the culture of a family run business remains. A key asset when you do business with us, you benefit from our family values and the loyalty and commitment that comes with that.

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These values have stood us the test of time and are represented by the choice of name selected over 30 years ago, Qualtech = Quality in Technology. We have continually remained true to that principal and it is instilled in all that we do. All of our other business values and principals are also family influenced, we promote honesty, integrity and reliability in all of our relationships. When you work with M&M Qualtech, you will see that we customize our services to ensure we link with and optimize your business model and competitive requirements.

Today we offer our customers one stop capability for all aspects of electronic manufacturing and supply chain services. Our Engineering teams provide very early concept and prototype design for manufacturing support including PCB assembly, mechanical/electro mechanical and cable assemblies, full product assembly and testing. We provide global logistics order fulfilment services. We also provide repair and return services where required.

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Electronic Manufacturing & Supply Chain Services

As a result of over 30-years of development and growth, we have built up an extensive skill sets across all aspects of electronic manufacturing. We work with a selective mix of multinationals, SME’s and start-up clients and have longstanding relationships with many multi-national companies in the Medical, Telecom and Automotive sectors, and in more recently the Aviation sector.

Many of our employees have been with us for over twenty years. As a result, they have worked on and delivered hundreds of products. These accumulated skills and learning are one of the most beneficial contributions we can offer our customers.

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We strive to become your product life cycle manufacturing partner, collaborating with you from early concept all the way through to end of life.

M&M Qualtech are with you every step of the way, working with you to achieve your goals of quality, dependability and delivery.

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