PCB Assembly

M&M Qualtech have over 30 years’ experience in PCB assembly. We specialise in manufacturing mid to high-volume PCBA’s for the automotive, electronics, aviation and medical device industries. Our dedicated team of engineers have the capabilities to produce both flexible and rigid PCB assemblies.

Our in-house Automated Optical Inspections and X-ray capabilities ensures your products meet your IPC class requirements. We also have in-house Automated In-Circuit Testing and Automated Functional Testing, which is inclusive of our Quality Management System which complies with the ISO13485 systems.

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Surface Mount Technology

The additional investment of our new Surface Mount Technology equipment (SMT) gives us a leading edge in the industry and allows us to complete quick turnarounds of the highest standard. Our SMT technology has the ability to test SMT components “on the fly”, ensuring high quality and reliability. Our SMT machine has a Material Requirement Planning (MRP) style system with full lot component tractability. This complies with the Unique Device Identifier (UDI) requirements which have been set by the FDA. We apply this to all of our PCB assemblies for Automotive Electronics, Aviation Electronics and General Electronic Assemblies. We currently have three SMT lines to meet all of your technology requirements.

Due to these technologies being completed in house, we have witnessed a shift in PCB manufacturing moving back to European bases. M&M Qualtech have played a central role in this reshoring activity within Europe. Our customers now place a high value on having their PCBA produced locally – this avoids supply chain issues and results in large cost savings.


Our MRP and ERP system gives us the ability to plan and purchase materials in house, with material traceability to FDA standards. With our in-house conformal coating machine, we can help with water ingression issues. Through the early involvement of our engineering team in applying conformal coating, we can aid in the design of coating clearance requirements so your product can be automatically machine coated saving time and costs. This is part of our DFM process.

All of our operators are certified to IPC – A-610 standards suitable for hand soldering requirements as required. We also have the ideal automated soldering process for volume soldering with our wave soldering equipment in-house. With our early DFM input for design clearances to ensure your products can be automatically wave soldered saving time and costs.

M&M Qualtech also offer PCB prototype development.

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We strive to become your product life cycle manufacturing partner, collaborating with you from early concept all the way through to end of life.

M&M Qualtech are with you every step of the way, working with you to achieve your goals of quality, dependability and delivery.

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