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Optimise the design of your product in the early stages of product development

At the early stages of our partnership, we will work with our customers to fully understand their product and design requirements. We take a holistic approach to the entire product development process, completing a full review of all components of the product, from raw materials, the chosen manufacturing process, the environment the product will be subjected to and safety and quality standards.

With over 1000 new product launches completed for customers across a range of industries over the past 30 years, we understand what is required to turn your concept into a reality.

Our DfX team will work with you in the early stages of your product development to ensure that your design is cost optimised for volume manufacturing, conforms to industry regulations and incorporates best practices in Design for Manufacture, Design for Test, Design for Costs and Design for Logistics.

Design for Manufacture

Design for Test

Design for Costs

Design for Logistics

We are firm believers in the fail early fail fast system and work with our clients to identify flaws in the design early on, resolving any issues whilst still in the design or prototype phase.

We will work closely with you to optimise your designs for the manufacturing process, thus assuring the highest quality, quickest time to market and compliance with regulatory standards. Key areas that we will review in the DFM process include, standardising materials and components, reducing part counts, designing for efficient assembly, reducing the amount of manufacturing operations and creating modular assemblies.

Our smart technology helps our engineers to estimate and reduce the number of parts and help them to identify multi-purpose parts. We review all the raw materials that will be used in the product assembly. Our experienced engineers will identify if any of the raw materials have a suspect history or are nearing the end of their lifecycle span. In these incidences our team will suggest alternative materials.

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