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How you support your products after they are built and sold is just as important as creating an innovative product.

At M&M Qualtech our commitment to our customers does not end when a product leaves our manufacturing facility. We are a true total product lifecycle partner providing electronics device repair and end of life services.


M&M Qualtech have an in-depth knowledge of the electronics and the components we manufacture for our customers and as a result, are the best choice for electronics device repairs.

Our skilled engineers specialise in electronics device repair including recall, troubleshoot, repair, test and shipping.

Companies don’t have the ability to constantly buy new parts, when their equipment breaks down, this would be very costly and time consuming as they may not be able to locate the parts they need easily. Instead they can avail of the repairs service provided by M&M Qualtech. We can repair your broken parts/ equipment and make it perform with efficiency by making it as good as new. Just as with every other aspect of our business, we guarantee you a quality repairs service that is reliable. We will deliver your component back to you as soon as it is ready.

End of Life

For end of life products, M&M Qualtech have vast experience sourcing new components. Through our global supply chain, we can quickly source new components to ensure a seamless transition to using new components in your product.

When EOL (end of life) notification for an electronic component is given it means a new part needs to be found quickly. Companies should not make assumptions as to the availability of essential parts, they should begin planning for EOL before the part is first used or even designed. This way the company can ensure minimal disruption to its clients and ensure time and money is not lost on production stoppages.

M&M Qualtech strives to become your total product lifecycle partner, this way you can utilise our experience with EOL products and benefit from our networks in the global supply chain. We collaborate with you from early stage product concepts and design all the way through to end of life. Our unique skillset allows us to provide a one-stop manufacturing service for clients who want to focus on their core competencies.

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