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The ICT sector is a competitive fast-moving industry, in a world dominated by mobile phones, laptops, tablets, apps and the internet.

The ICT sector has been growing over the last decade but today, everywhere you look people are glued to electronic devices. It is evident that ICT has taken over in every aspect of life; companies have incorporated technology into their working environments and company practices, schools are ICT reliant with digital technology being used in classrooms and hospitals are using ICT to improve health system efficiencies and prevent medical errors from occurring. This has led to immense pressure being put on ICT companies to satisfy consumer demands for current products, all while continuing to innovate and design concepts for the next upcoming trend.

M&M Qualtech work closely with clients to ensure that products meet with industry standards. By working closely with our clients, we actively offer solutions that are optimised for your product development and production, we are aware of potential challenges in the supply chain and we offer solutions to reduce risk before production begins. We guarantee our clients that products are manufactured to a very high standard to withstand the most stringent testing and usage.

Why Choose M&M Qualtech?

1. Flexibility

In the ICT sector, products are constantly improving, being revised or enhanced or new products are developed. M&M Qualtech allocate the right engineering resources for New Product Introduction (NPI) to give our clients the peace of mind that they are maximising all opportunities.

2. Knowledge and Expertise

We have worked with some of the world’s leading international ICT companies over the last thirty years and we have developed an extensive skill set and history within the ICT industry.

3. Supply Chain Management

We can manage your supply change, to allow you to do what you do best, design and innovate. We have over thirty years’ experience designing and managing supply chains that are reliable and cost effective.

4. Aligned Vision

We have a proven track record in bringing new technologies from concept to maturity over the last thirty years. We want to have a shared vision for the future especially within the ICT sector.

5. Varied Experience

We work with customers of various sizes, it doesn’t matter if you are a start-up technology company or a large multinational, we have a mix of experience in the ICT sector which shows that we understand the challenges specific to your business and we can support you as you grow, and your needs evolve.

6. Trust and Confidentiality

We understand that the ICT sector is fast evolving and very competitive. We understand the need for discretion when working so close with you on your product designs and concepts. We respect that your reputation and success is entangled with our performance, which is why we guarantee your right to privacy.

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