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Key Considerations when

Engaging with a Medical
Contract Manufacturer

Medical device companies face a critical decision when deciding whether or not to outsource and subsequently choosing the right contract manufacturer. Outsourcing can be an enriching and rewarding experience, however, choosing the right partner for your business is central to its success.

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Why Choose an

Irish Based Medical Contract Manufacturing Partner

Ireland is an established medical technology hub, with 9 of the World’s top 10 medical technology companies located here.

Having a partner in Ireland gives you access to local experts that will work with you on the perfect supply chain strategy as you target the EU market of over 500 million inhabitants.

Ireland has the ideal ecosystem for the development of innovative medical devices with experienced, educated engineers across all disciplines, regulatory experts and world-class vendor partners available.

The government of Ireland actively supports the Medical Technology sector with grants, financing and tax incentives.

Why Choose M&M Qualtech

M&M Qualtech as a strategic partner

30 years experience growing with the demanding and evolving needs of the medical technology sector.

Located at the epicenter of the Medical Technology cluster in Galway, Ireland

Deep local and international relationships that will get you access to the European market quickly.

A partner team with expertise across the necessary engineering, design and manufacturing disciplines.

Leading supply chain experience offering flexible, tailor made solutions for US partners allowing you to mitigate your risk exposure in new territories.

Partnering for innovation is at our core

Here is what some of our medical device partners have to say about us:

“M&M Qualtech’s experience in the regulated manufacturing environment is invaluable to us as a start-up company in the medical device arena. M&M Qualtech have also been able to contribute to the design advancement, including design for manufacture of our various hardware designs over the years.”
Cosmin Rotariu
SyncroPhi Systems Ltd

M&M Qualtech is a design and manufacturing services company specializing in electronics for challenging applications including medical devices. Talk to us today about how we can get your innovative device to market quickly

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