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From low to medium to high volume capabilities, M&M Qualtech provides flexible and scalable manufacturing solutions, accelerating market access.

M&M Qualtech provide you with confidence in your engineering. If you outsource your electronics manufacturing to us, you can trust that the components that are used in your products are authentic. We ensure the highest quality components are used in your products. This means you can trust the product your customer ends up with.

M&M Qualtech can provide manufacturing at a full turn key product solution, PCB assembly level, cable and harness level and final unit assembly.

1. PCB Assembly (PCBA)

At M&M Qualtech we have over 30 years’ experience in PCB assembly. We specialise in low-medium volume manufacturing for safety critical applications. Our engineers have the capabilities to manufacture both flexible and rigid PCB assemblies.

Our smart technology has the capabilities to perform automated optical inspections and x-rays to ensure your products meet your IPC class requirements. M&M Qualtech are always innovating, our technology has the ability to conduct in-house automated in-circuit testing and automated functional testing, this is inclusive of our quality management systems which complies with the ISO 13485 systems. By performing more automated tasks, M&M Qualtech can accelerate your route to market.

Surface Mount Technology

Further to M&M Qualtech’s innovating, our additional investment in new surface mount technology equipment (SMT) provides us with a leading edge in the industry. This smart technology enables us to complete quick turnarounds to the highest standard. Our SMT technology is capable of testing SMT components while they are running, to ensure high quality and reliability. The SMT machine has a material requirement planning (MRP) system with full component tractability, which complies with the unique device identifier (UDI) requirements set by the FDA. At M&M Qualtech, we currently have three SMT lines to meet all our client’s technology requirements.

As these technologies are being completed in-house, we have seen a shift in PCB manufacturing moving back to European bases. M&M Qualtech have had a central role in the reshoring of the activity within Europe. Clients place a high value on having their PCBA produced locally – avoiding supply chain issues and resulting in large cost savings.


At M&M Qualtech we can plan and purchase materials in-house, with material traceability to FDA standards using our MRP and ERP system. With our in-house conformal coating machine, we can help with water ingression issues. M&M Qualtech can help in the design of coating clearance requirements, with the early involvement of our engineers, so your product can automatically be machined coated saving time and costs, as part of our DFM (design for manufacture) process.

Our smart technology is ideal for automated soldering processes for volume soldering with our in-house wave soldering equipment. We are certified to IPC – A-610 standards suitable for hand soldering requirements as required. Our early involvement in DFM will allow us to check if your products can be automatically wave soldered, saving time and costs in the long run.

2. Cable and Harness

Cable and harnesses are critical to the precise and rapid transmission of data and control signals. From our experience working with a lot of clients across all industries, we have observed that cable and harness design is the most overlooked and ignored component of any electrical/ electronic design. Instead clients focus on PCB and enclosure design, or not enough time has been left to work on the wiring aspects of the project. Sometimes the effects of this can be huge, in some cases a PCB redesign is necessary because at the time of design, the product’s environment was not taken into consideration.

At M&M Qualtech, we work with your design team at the concept design stage, where we discuss your proposed design. Our engineers review the concept design from a Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) perspective, they will assess how much automation can be applied based on the potential component selection. Our engineers always advise our clients of the benefits of standardisation against customisation. We have the ability with the help of some leading industry tools, to advise our clients of components lifecycle status’ as well as RoHS and REACH and conflict material origins. Our advice to clients has proven invaluable to them as in some cases it has prevented costly PCB or product redesign – saving clients time and money.

3. Final Product Assemblies

At M&M Qualtech we have the ability to provide final product assemblies in-house.

In our 30 years of experience, we have built an in-depth knowledge of final product assemblies in the medical, automotive, ICT and aviation sectors. Our knowledge in these sectors, along with our extensive experience in supply chain management, allows us to offer both plastic and metal based final product assemblies. We also have the capability of offering final product assemblies to meet ISO and FDA requirements with traceability to unique serial numbers. For other general final assemblies, we use these ISO and FDA requirements as the gold standard to ensure we have traceability where required. At M&M Qualtech, our engineers can assist in the development of automated packing process solutions for final assemblies/ packing where required.

There is a core link with our early involvement in the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) process and final product assemblies being completed. We can offer full product assembles at unit level, so products can be developed to a near plug and play concept, saving time and costs. Products are manufactured error free during a final product assembly as our engineers use the basics of six sigma and poke yoke in the DFM process. M&M Qualtech’s final product assembly is connected to our pick and pack labeling services, offering a full turnkey solution if required. A lot of our clients use our shipping service, to have products shipped straight to their end user on their ERP systems. This reduces the extra cost of secondary warehousing and logistics.

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