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M&M Qualtech have introduced over 1000 new products to the market over the past thirty years.

We have an extensive in-depth knowledge of new product introduction and we have a complete set of services that allow companies, to innovate, develop and access new markets.

We have extensive knowledge in the medical, automotive, ICT and aviation sectors. Our knowledge can guide you through trialing your product and can give you the visibility, you need to be competitive.

M&M Qualtech provides you with fast research and development, prototyping and production planning services, on time, within budget and to the highest quality to ensure your time to market is quick. In a competitive market, companies have to be efficient to develop the right product, at the right time and the right cost.

By listening to the customer in the initial stages of the project, the design team can ensure, the product is what the customer requires and can avoid any design changes later in the process, they can avoid multiple changes and repeated validation and testing which is very expensive.  The product can get to market faster. The product will start generating revenue quicker when there is reduced development time.

By using Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) best practices, products are developed with the process in mind, leading to more effective manufacturing. The New Product Introduction (NPI) process uses tools that ensure the product meets the needs of the customer and that the process can produce a quality product on a consistent basis.

Bringing a new product to market has several challenging and complex tasks. All these tasks are connected, and very often, a great product concept will fail due to one or more of these tasks not receiving the required attention. This is the case if a product idea is not fully validated while being tested or if a validated product has not been enhanced for cost-effective manufacturing and assembly.

M&M Qualtech have developed a successful NPI process by learning best practices, building a knowledgeable team of engineers, using smart technology and by developing product ideas using recognised quality standards. Having a good NPI process is essential for the successful launch of products to market. The NPI process helps to increase sales, customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

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