Prototype Development

Prototype Development is a key stage in any product development process. At M&M Qualtech, our prototype development service is strongly linked to our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) process. Our clear, concise approach of linking DFM and prototype development eliminates the need to produce five to six costly re-spins. The close link between our DFM and development teams allows us to provide a first time right approach to our clients.

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Our goal within prototype development is to prevent prototype errors reaching your product in manufacturing. In order to achieve this goal, we utilise cutting edge DFM software tools, which allows us to design out any critical issues early on in the process.

Our specialist team of engineers have the capabilities to produce prototypes to FDA and Aviation Standards and we apply these standards to all of our product ranges. This base line setting aids customers in early product launches, as prototype reliability in clinical trial settings is key. A poorly designed prototype during a clinical trial can force a costly rerun. M&M Qualtech’s experience in the front-end business development of prototypes helps to overcome the major approval process of products in the medical device setting.

M&M Qualtech have the capabilities in-house to provide prototypes for a range of products, including PCBA’s, Cable and Harness and Complete Product. With over 30 years’ experience developing prototypes, our experienced team of engineers bring a wealth of knowledge to the prototype development process, ensuring products are developed efficiently and effectively.

productdev-2PCB Prototype Development

M&M Qualtech have over 30 years’ experience in developing PCB prototypes for a range of industries including the automotive and aviation industry. Throughout the PCB development process, we will collaborate with you to ensure the product is developed to the highest standard.

Cables and Harness Prototype Development

Our team of engineers have extensive capabilities in the development and production of Cable and Harness products.  We will work closely with your designers to optimise your cable and Harness needs, ensuring the final product is fully functional and cost effective

Complete Product Prototype Development

M&M Qualtech specialise in Complete Product prototype development. We will work closely with you during the entire process to optimise the design, functionality and cost your entire product.

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We strive to become your product life cycle manufacturing partner, collaborating with you from early concept all the way through to end of life.

M&M Qualtech are with you every step of the way, working with you to achieve your goals of quality, dependability and delivery.

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