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Our quality systems and best in class inspection capabilities enable a robust, quality focused process.

It is the policy of M&M Qualtech to provide goods and services which meet or exceed customer expectations, regulatory requirements, quality and cost objectives.

Our quality systems allow quality managers to have real-time visibility in order to:

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Product Traceability


M&M Qualtech’s smart technology allows for real-time data collection and analysis allowing our quality managers to detect problems early in the process. Our engineers can then take action to prevent any other issues or nonconformities. Having access to this data early in the process reduces scrap, rework and recalls, saving you time and money.

We reduce recalls by having the capability to track raw materials throughout the manufacturing process, cutting time and costs of recalls, we use consistent processes, documentation and reporting.

We have the capability to drive continues improvements by having the data to assess how production line capabilities can be improved, ensuring product conformity and examining how processes can be improved.

M&M Qualtech Quality Manager

Quality Manager

Jane is the Quality Manager at M&M Qualtech. She is responsible for ensuring all M&M Qualtech products and services meet or exceed customer expectations and regulatory requirements.

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