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Improve sustainability with our global logistics solution

Today’s global supply chain is highly complex and is a challenge for many OEMs to manage. M&M Qualtech’s global logistics solutions empower our customers to achieve cost efficiencies, improve time to market, improve customer experiences and improve sustainability.

With over 30 years’ experience managing complex supply chains, we have a clear understanding of how to work with electronic component suppliers. Each year, we secure tens of thousands of individual components that are used in PCBA and cable and harnesses.

For a company to remain cost effective and reliable, it is important to source components from reliable suppliers. We have developed long-term relationships with a wide variety of trusted manufacturers around the world.

At M&M Qualtech we understand the importance of planning for the future and identifying potential issues with components. Many components become obsolete each year often leading to product delays and increased costs for the OEM. We work with our customers to identify components that are not near the end of their lifecycle allowing you to plan better for the future.

By outsourcing your supply chain management to M&M Qualtech it allows your company to:

1. Focus on Other Business Aspects

When your company supply chain is being handled by someone else, you can spend time on what you do best, be it marketing, business development, research and development etc. By saving time on supply chain management your company can save valuable hours to be more productive in other areas of the business and help with your long-term goals.

2. Minimise your Overall Costs

M&M Qualtech have over 30 years’ experience with managing supply chains, we can help you minimise your overall costs, as we have extensive experience, knowledge and networks to reduce your expenses. M&M Qualtech will develop a cost-effective plan with our providers by optimising transportation and using better inventory management.

3. Access our Resources

By working with M&M Qualtech, you have access to our resources, this can help you create a more extensive organisation, allowing you to pick and choose who you do business with.

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